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Region South America

Amazon Rainforest Sanctuary and Ranger Program

Junglekeepers and Age of Union have partnered to protect and expand the 45,000 acre Las Piedras Amazon Sanctuary while advancing the local ranger program. Junglekeepers is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting threatened rainforest habitat and wildlife along the Las Piedras River in the vitally important Madre De Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon.

The Heart of a Mission

In a remote corner of the Peruvian Amazon, a small startup non-profit, Junglekeepers, comes together to create a wildlife corridor along the Las Piedras River.

Located at the heart of the Amazon, the Madre de Dios region is Peru’s official “biodiversity capital." Home to more than 30 Indigenous communities, it harbours a record number of threatened and endangered species such as mahogany trees, short-eared dogs, and giant anteaters. Over the last few years, however, the region has grown increasingly affected by threats ranging from extreme weather events to illegal mining and logging.

Junglekeepers’ Work in the Las Piedras Watershed

Junglekeepers operates along the Las Piedras River in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, a part of the Tropical Andes/Amazon hotspot — one of the most biodiverse areas on earth. This rainforest is home to millions of trees, numerous Indigenous communities, and threatened and endangered species. It is the source of life in this region, a massive global carbon sink, and a contributor to water and weather patterns worldwide. In recent decades, illegal and unsustainable logging, agriculture, poaching, and gold mining have degraded this rich ecosystem.

Junglekeepers’ rangers currently patrol and safeguard almost 45,000 acres of this incredible landscape while working to build an uninterrupted conservation corridor between surrounding national parks and Indigenous reserves.

The organization also partners and collaborates with Indigenous and local Peruvian communities, scientists, activists, and other conservation programs to reforest, rewild, and regenerate what has already been damaged to build sustainability in the region.

How Age of Union Is Helping

Age of Union and Junglekeepers have partnered to protect and expand the Las Piedras Amazon Sanctuary while advancing the local ranger program. Age of Union has acquired more rainforest land concessions along the Las Piedras tributary to expand the land up for protection by Junglekeepers while building up the program with new local hires, enhanced training, a new ranger station, and tools to elevate the impact of the conservation work on the ground.

People () The

Juan Julio Durand
Co-Founder & Field Director
Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Junglekeepers was started by JJ 20 years ago after he began to see the destruction of the pristine forests that he called home along the Las Piedras River. He is an expert on all the flora and fauna of the forest, head trainer of the rangers and handles local community relations.

Paul Rosolie
Co-Founder & Field Director
Brooklyn, New York

Originally from Brooklyn, New York. Paul's insatiable passion for wildlife and adventure led him to his mentor, JJ, in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Paul is also a published author and has dedicated his life to saving the rainforest.

Dina Tsouluhas
Co-Founder & Field Director
Montreal, Quebec

Originally from Montreal, Dina fell in love with the rainforest after leading a yoga retreat along the Las Piedras river. Dina is the head of the administration department and runs the ranger station, and is dedicated to working alongside the rangers to protect the rainforest.

Roy Riquelme
Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Roy is in charge of protecting the indigenous communities that still live remotely in the forest. His presence ensures the balance between the conservationists, the land and the indigenous communities. He is also passionate about educating the local communities through food and how to sustainably harvest the rich foods of the rainforest.

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