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Field Updates

  • South America

    Patrols of 2021

    Junglekeepers is responsible for 6 concessions that they patrol and protect on a daily bases, plus 2 additional concessions that don't belong to them but that they assist in patrolling. The total amount of hectares being patrolled between these 6 concessions is 18818,79 ha. Just to get an idea, here are some numbers of the patrols for 2021: 668 patrols were made by boat and foot mostly, covering a total of 17 862 km (which would be the equivalent of travelling back and forth two times from Montreal to Vancouver!) All the rangers together walked a total of 7 596,76 km (which is equivalent to 1,70 the distance between Montreal and Vancouver.) The average walking distance per patrol is 13,31 km/patrol.

  • South America

    Highlighted Ranger: Eliz

    At the end of 2021, Junglkeeprs hired their first woman ranger. Her name is Eliz Lenia Quispe Moreno, she is from Puerto Maldonado,born in 2000. Being the daughter of a father who worked as a logger, Eliz always accompanied him on work trips during every school vacation. Seeing what her dad went through to make sure that she could continue her studies, Eliz learned the importance of work. More than anything, she learned to value the forest and that’s where her passion for taking care of the jungle was born. When she finished high school, Eliz decided to study as an official tourist guide since she could not study biology, a career not offered in the schools of Puerto Maldonado. She practiced her trade as a guide firstly to show the attractions in her region, and secondly to teach others that the jungle in the Madre de Dios area is unique. Eliz still has the dream to study biology and learn more about mammals, birds and plants. Working with Junglekeepers, she feels that she is contributing a grain of sand for conservation.

  • America

    Most Proud and Insightful Unexpected Event of 2021!

    Our most proud and insightful unexpected event is the level of implication of the community in the production, distribution and planting of the seedlings. It would not have been possible to produce 25,000 seedlings without the help of the local community, the members of the associations, the primary and secondary school students and the young members of the marching band.

  • Asia

    Camera Traps

    Camera traps are automatic cameras that allow animals to take their own selfies. They are used for conservation and are amazing tools to monitor wildlife activities because they don’t disturb wildlife. The last quarter of 2021, Kalaweit’s camera traps revealed a few interesting species on the reserve such as: Sunbear (Vulnerable IUCN,) Clouded leopard (Vulnerable IUCN,) Orangutan (critically endangered,) Bearded pig (Vulnerable IUCN,) Pigtailed macaques (Vulnerable IUCN,) Crested fireback pheasant (Vulnerable IUCN,) Porcupine (least concern, IUCN.)

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